Alexander Muse

Alexander Muse
Alexander Muse is a co-founder of ShopSavvy, the world’s largest mobile shopping community. Downloaded more than 40 million times and used by millions of shoppers, ShopSavvy was a winner in Google’s first Android Developer Challenge; and it was the featured app for the launch of the Android smartphone platform.

Posts by Alexander Muse:

    Survey Overstates the ‘Price’ of Showrooming

    This morning I read a story that quoted a study from GroupM Next regarding the likelihood a consumer would use a brick-and-mortar retail store as a showroom for an online retailer. The study was titled, “Showrooming & The Price of Keeping Buyers In-Store” and surveyed 1,000 shoppers in the U.S. and posed 10 hypothetical showrooming […]

    Better for Retailers: Phone or Tablet? — Yes

    Various retailing research continues to discuss the relative value of smartphones and tablets; and while it’s clear both devices have strengths, it’s not like we have to decide between them. Both tablets and smartphones have a place in the seamless shopping experience smart retailers know is our future. The real question is how to refine […]

    Are Guide Shops the Future?

    Last night I hung out with some of the folks from Bonobos and talked about their so-called guide shops. For those of you who don’t know, Bonobos is a premium, web-driven men’s apparel brand and e-tailer. Launched in 2007 around a better-fitting pair of men’s pants, the brand now also sells suits, polos, oxfords, shorts, […]

    Retailers Turning to Technology to Address Showrooming

    So much of the discussion about showrooming revolves around fighting it. (Google combat-showrooming and you get more than 22,000 results.) But here is some evidence some retailers are taking a smarter approach. Rather than treating millions of shoppers with smartphones in their hands as a threat, companies are instead trying to give them what they […]

    Numbers Explain Walmart’s Interest in Online Sales Tax Bill

    Brick-and-mortar retailers looking for Online Marketplace Fairness will likely have to wait a while for it despite the efforts of the world’s largest retailer. Sure, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on Tuesday on a bill that would allow states to impose sales taxes on online sales. Some small brick-and-mortar retailers say they need the […]

    At Penney, Technology Fuels Transformation

    “It’s really complicated to see the future, but people will discover it as time goes on.” That’s the view of JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson, who sees the future of retailing more clearly than most and has some great ideas about how to get there. “We’re trying to simplify internally and transform externally,” the former […]

    Target and Neiman Marcus Give a Lesson in Partnerships

    The announcement that Target and Neiman Marcus will partner on a collection for the holidays was a headline writer’s dream. “Retail’s New Odd Couple,” proclaimed The Wall Street Journal, while The Tulsa World said, “Target and Neiman Marcus will be spending Christmas together.” But when you dig down, you see something we all should be […]

    Report Confirms Consumers Expect Seamless Shopping

    A new report based on an international survey confirms how much shoppers want — and expect — a seamless integration of retail experiences across online, social media, mobile and physical stores. The report from the consulting firm Capgemini, titled “Digital Shopper Relevancy,” surveyed 16,000 digital shoppers in 16 countries. Some 60 percent of respondents said […]