Guy Yehiav

Guy Yehiav
Guy Yehiav is CEO and chairman of the board of Profitect LINK: , whose profit amplification software enables retailers to quickly discover and actualize untapped growth and opportunities across the entire value chain. Prior to Profitect, Guy served as Vice President Sales & Strategy for Oracle's Value Chain Planning Solutions, and was responsible for sales, strategy and customer success.

Posts by Guy Yehiav:

    When Customer Service and Profits Collide

    A former colleague of mine was a store manager during the Great Recession, and it was imperative that he kept a tight grip on the thin strands of customer loyalty for his store. His employer’s philosophy: Keep a customer happy and they’ll keep coming back. But truth be told, there were instances when he didn’t […]

    Satisfy Customers with Saturated Shelves

    Even in this rapidly changing world of retail, one of the keys to customer satisfaction is one of the most basic: on-shelf availability (OSA). As a consumer myself, I know the disappointment of arriving at a store only to find that the product I am looking for isn’t in stock. This problem is further magnified […]