John Boyd

John Boyd
John Boyd is chief operating officer and a co-founder of ShopSavvy. John manages business development, corporate strategy and new product features that help advance the company’s competitive position.

Posts by John Boyd:

    What’s Wrong With Mobile Payments?

    The last few years have seen plenty of big players in banking and technology working hard to push near field communication (NFC) technologies to control the wallet. The theory has been if you can control the wallet, you gain strategic advantages and marketing insights into the customer that are very valuable and can be leveraged […]

    Customer Loyalty in a Mobile World

    With smartphones in the hands of so many consumers, customer loyalty has been forever changed. And while mobile has caught the interest of retailers, some are not sure yet how to exploit it to manage long-term relationships. It’s abundantly clear that mobile provides an unprecedented opportunity for brands, retailers and shoppers to connect with one […]

    In the Future, Payments Will Take Many Forms

    One in ten Americans has used a cell phone to make a charitable contribution by text message. More than a third of smartphone owners have used their phones to do online banking. And nearly 40 percent of owners have used their smartphones to make a purchase. Clearly, consumers have grown increasingly comfortable using their phones […]