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    Customer Experience

    Report Details Social Media’s Impact on Customer Service

    Remember the adage that a happy customer will tell one person and an unhappy customer will tell ten?  Now, with social media, an unhappy customer can tell hundreds if not thousands of people instantaneously. The result is a new type of customer who expects real-time response to concerns and complaints and is quick to turn […]

    When Customer Service and Profits Collide

    A former colleague of mine was a store manager during the Great Recession, and it was imperative that he kept a tight grip on the thin strands of customer loyalty for his store. His employer’s philosophy: Keep a customer happy and they’ll keep coming back. But truth be told, there were instances when he didn’t […]

    Satisfy Customers with Saturated Shelves

    Even in this rapidly changing world of retail, one of the keys to customer satisfaction is one of the most basic: on-shelf availability (OSA). As a consumer myself, I know the disappointment of arriving at a store only to find that the product I am looking for isn’t in stock. This problem is further magnified […]

    The Future of Retail in 5 Words

    Imagine that you are playing a movie of the history of shopping in reverse. The film would start with someone checking out at Amazon. We would see people shopping at mass-market retailers, then back to a time when malls were the rage, to the era when department stores ruled, to small-town America’s general store, and […]