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    Augmented Reality: Beyond the Gimmick

    Mikael Karlsson, mobile marketing manager for Volvo, shocked the audience at the 2012 Apps World conference when he described augmented reality as an overhyped marketing gimmick. Commenting that it could be “a great installation within retail stores” but is currently just a technically limited pipe dream. AR is a heavily discussed topic at the moment. […]

    Online, Mobile Growth Highlight Need for Efficient Order Fulfillment

    With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers are facing increased demands and challenges. Among them is meeting the significant boost in online order requests, which places new demands on how retailers manage their distribution centers. Retailers must be able to get the right product to the right customer in a timely manner. And with worldwide […]

    Lessons from the Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum

    I recently attended Internet Retailer’s Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum; and instead of attempting to organize everything I learned into some kind of story or structure and say that it all ties nicely together, I’ll give you a taste of what I experienced, which is an onslaught of lessons, factoids, and experiences shared by every […]

    With BBYOpen, Best Buy Is Visible Across the Web

    Ian Kelly’s job is to help spread Best Buy’s formidable product catalog across the Internet, so please excuse him if he seems pressed for time. “We’re continually activating our new projects,” says Kelly, whose title is director of IT integration and service-oriented architecture. “So look at your watch. We just started a project. Look at […]

    Are Next Best Offers the Next Big Thing?

    Quick quiz on predictive modeling: If a grocery-store shopper suddenly starts buying diapers, does it make sense to send him coupons for baby wipes, toys and … beer? Surprisingly, that’s what U.K. grocer Tesco tried. And it worked. Because Tesco dug deeper into the buying patterns of the store’s Clubcard holders and found that new […]

    How Neiman Marcus Puts a Face to a Brand

    Today’s tech-savvy, information-hungry and experience-driven consumer has added a new term to the retailing lexicon: showrooming. The practice of visiting a store to evaluate a product then searching online for the lowest price angered some retail partners, and understandably so. But in order to cater to the mobile mindset of the evolving consumer we need […]

    Are Guide Shops the Future?

    Last night I hung out with some of the folks from Bonobos and talked about their so-called guide shops. For those of you who don’t know, Bonobos is a premium, web-driven men’s apparel brand and e-tailer. Launched in 2007 around a better-fitting pair of men’s pants, the brand now also sells suits, polos, oxfords, shorts, […]

    Cash Mobs Demonstrate the Power of Social Shopping

    The cash mob phenomenon is one of the most interesting and exciting innovations to come out of the “shop local” movement — and it’s exploding in popularity. Combining the spontaneous, high-tech thrill that made flash mobs a cultural force with the economic power of consumers willing to show their support for a local business by […]