Nikki Baird - Multichannel Retail Fulfillment Expert | Retail News-

Nikki Baird is managing partner at Retail Systems Research, the only research company run by retailers for the retail industry. She focuses on trends impacting the consumer-retailer relationship, along with their supply chain and marketing implications. She has written research and articles on topics ranging from in-store marketing and technology, store performance management, supply chain and multi-channel fulfillment, retailer-manufacturer collaboration, merchandising, and loyalty and promotions management. She has been quoted as a subject matter expert in The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and National Public Radio. She has been a retailer, a software provider and a consultant before becoming an analyst.

RSR provides insight into business and technology challenges facing the extended retail industry, and thought leadership and advice on navigating these challenges for specific companies and the industry at large. RSR’s services include benchmark reports covering the state of retailer technology adoption for topics ranging from merchandising and supply chain, store operations and workforce management, to customer-facing and multi-channel technologies.

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Gemma Ball - Trend Research and Forecasting Expert | Retail Discussions -

Gemma T Ball researches and writes about design, culture and consumer trends as she pursues a graduate degree in International Fashion Retailing Multichannel Marketing at the University of Manchester.

Previously, Gemma was Insights and Research Manager at Portland Design Associates Ltd., a London-based multidisciplinary design studio working in the retail, leisure and travel sectors. She also served as a senior innovation researcher at GDR Creative Intelligence in London. Gemma holds abachelor’s degree from the University of East London, where she focused on trend prediction and forecasting.

She lives in Manchester.

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John Boyd - Targeted Mobile Advertising Expert |Retail Industry Articles

John Boyd is chief operating officer and a co-founder of ShopSavvy. John manages business development, corporate strategy and new product features that help advance the company’s competitive position.

John serves as an expert on targeted mobile advertising, including location, shopper intent and social shopping concepts. He leverages mobile advertising relationships with large retailers and partners such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others, and leads the development of customized campaign proposals for ShopSavvy advertisers.

John has been a founder or early employee of three technology startups, all three of which achieved successful exits. John founded BCN, which was sold to T-Mobile in 2001. He was an early employee at Omnipoint and WNP Communications. John also has several years’ experience as a venture capitalist for an institutional firm and as an individual investor.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Joseph Bruemmer - Business Market Analyst |Retail Insight

Joseph Bruemmer is a managing partner at PB Communications LLC, whose mission is to help enterprise-level brick-and-mortar businesses achieve prominence in their digital marketplace, resulting in incremental online and in-store foot traffic.

PBC’s core competency and expertise is acquiring local, organic and mobile traffic and conversions. The company drives traffic and conversions for brands such as NASDAQ, Overstock, Charles Schwab and Sports Authority.

Joseph has experience as an enterprise search engine optimization analyst and as a business market analyst, and has worked in sales and business development.

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Yuli Chen - Latest Retail Industry Trends Advisor |Retail Infographics

Yuli Chen is an account manager at, a comparison shopping engine providing comprehensive, relevant, and unbiased research information to help shoppers choose the right product along with a comparison shopping service to help them get the best deal. Its Affinity Index Ranking technology provides highly targeted search results by understanding the context of pages on the web.

Yuli is responsible for managing everything from small retailers to large-scale enterprise marketing campaigns from various Inc. and Fortune 500 companies to help drive positive return on investment. Yuli stays up-to-date with industry trends to ensure that he’s able to provide the best advice possible for the merchants he manages, optimize their marketing initiatives, and improve long-term business relations with

He lives in Sunnyvale, California.

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Steven P. Dennis | Founder -SageBerry Consulting - Retail Forum - JoinFORA

Steven P. Dennis is president and founder of SageBerry Consulting, a boutique consulting firm focused on customer-centric growth and marketing strategy for multichannel retail and luxury/fashion brands. Steven has more than 25 years experience as a C-level executive and consultant working closely with senior management teams, boards and investment groups.

Prior to founding SageBerry Consulting in 2009, Steven was Neiman Marcus’ senior vice president of Strategy, Business Development and Marketing. He also managed the company’s private label credit card partnership. Prior to Neiman Marcus, Steven held various senior leadership positions with Sears Holdings. Earlier in his career he was with the NutraSweet Company and the global management-consulting firm Booz & Co.

Steven currently serves as president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Retail Executives Association. He is a partner with Dallas Social Venture Partners, an executive-in-residence at the JC Penney Center for Retail Excellence at SMU’s Cox School of Business, and is on the Board of Advisors of Invodo.

He lives in Dallas.

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Georges Alexandre Hanin - Mobilosoft Founder | Retail Forum -Joinfora.comGeorges-Alexandre Hanin is the founder of Mobilosoft, which creates mobile marketing solutions for retailers and brands. Launched in 2010, Mobilosoft has built a content management system that lets retailers build and manage their mobile sites. From that system, they can also manage dedicated couponing and text messaging campaigns. Mobilosoft has a presence in Belgium and France, and has websites in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy.

Georges-Alexandre began his career as a business development manager at the Altran Group, an engineering consulting company, where he opened accounts with Arcelor Mittal and The Corus Group. For several years he worked as a CRM consultant for Deloitte, primarily for banks and the retail sector. Most recently he was at Citobi, the Belgian leader in one-to-one marketing.

He lives in Brussels.

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Scott Kriesberg - Retail Technology Expert | Mobile retail Blog -

Scott Kreisberg founded One Step Retail Solutions in 1985 and has since built it from one of the first retail technology companies in the U.S. into a leading nationwide retail point of sale consultancy and reseller. One Step Retail Solutions has five top-of-the-line POS / full retail management solutions, holds Inc. 5000 status, and has helped thousands of retailers nationwide achieve their dreams.

Scott says, “I never settle for what I am doing today, I’m always on the lookout for new trends two to three years in advance. To be successful to me means having the foresight and ingenuity to be there and be ready when these trends happen.”

He lives in Los Angeles.

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Craig Lodge - CEO at Brandsintrade (P) Ltd |Retail Industry Charts |

Craig Lodge is CEO of Brandsintrade (Pty) Ltd, a consumer, shopper and retail marketing agency that combines consumer and shopper path to purchase understanding, integrated strategy, dynamic execution solutions and skills training to help build brands and drive profitable sales growth.

He lives in the Johannesburg area.

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Ellijah May - Chief Brand Experience Strategist | Retail Blog -

Elijah May is the founder and chief strategist at BrandGarde, which helps build brands that people care and talk about by using a company’s unique purpose, principles and process to create a clear, concise, and compelling brand experience. He also serves as a local expert for Constant Contact, presenting educational seminars on how email and social media can multiply the effects of word-of-mouth marketing.

He lives in Austin, Texas.

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Keith Phillips -CEO |Voxware|Retail Industry Trends Facts & More -

Keith Phillips is president and chief executive officer of Voxware, a leading provider of voice solutions. Voxware’s top priority is to empower users to better serve their customers and ultimately drive brand loyalty. Through years of innovation, Voxware has evolved its technology to provide the most efficient, high-quality voice recognition software on the market. The speed and precision of Voxware’s voice solutions enables users to deliver the right products to the right customers in a timely manner, better manage distribution based on demand and geography, and more thoroughly address the needs of their customers.

Headquartered in Hamilton, N.J., Voxware has an engineering center in Cambridge, Mass., and a UK office in Reading, west of London.Retail Blog - M commerce Discussions
Iiana Rabinowitz - Retail Marketing Blog Expert | Retail Industry Updates

Ilana Rabinowitz is vice president of marketing at Lion Brand Yarn Company, where she focuses on marketing to consumers through e-commerce, social media and email. She blogs about marketing at Marketing Without A Net and Social Media Explorer. Ilana approaches marketing with an uncompromising focus on the customer and a grounding in psychology and neuroscience, to understand what motivates people to buy. She tweets about innovation, e-commerce, and digital marketing on Twitter at @ilana221.

She lives in New York.

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Dave Rodgerson - IBM Retail Industry Strategy & Transformartion Consultant | Retail Alliance

Dave Rodgerson is the senior managing consultant for IBM’s Retail Strategy & Transformation practice, and he plays a very active role with the National Retail Federation, the Retail Council of Canada and the Conseil Québécois du Commerce de Détail.

Dave has more than 30 years experience working with leading Canadian retailers in sales, marketing, operations and strategic planning roles. In his current role he works closely with both clients and associations that share an interest in enhancing the consumer experience. His work has included consulting with such firms as Tesco supermarkets in the UK, Canadian Tire Corporation, Target Department Stores and Imperial Tobacco.

More recently, he has been speaking about social networking and the adoption of new technologies by consumers. His audiences have included Unilever’s Global R&D team, the senior leadership of The Forzani Group, Kimberly-Clark, la Vie en Rose, the membership of the Canadian Gaming Association and the South African Retailers Association.

He lives in the Toronto area.

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Guy Yehiav - Profitect Chief Executive Officer | Retail Articles

Guy Yehiav is CEO and chairman of the board of Profitect, whose profit amplification software enables retailers to quickly discover and actualize untapped growth and opportunities across the entire value chain.

Prior to Profitect, Guy served as Vice President Sales & Strategy for Oracle’s Value Chain Planning Solutions, and was responsible for sales, strategy and customer success. Guy also was founder of Demantra US, a leading global provider of demand-driven planning solutions. It was acquired by Oracle in 2006.

Previously, he directed the Global Professional Service Group, where he was in charge of creating methodologies and infrastructure through chain transformations that enabled demand driven and seamless operations for Fortune 1000 companies.

He is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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