Online, Mobile Growth Highlight Need for Efficient Order Fulfillment

With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers are facing increased demands and challenges. Among them is meeting the significant boost in online order requests, which places new demands on how retailers manage their distribution centers. Retailers must be able to get the right product to the right customer in a timely manner. And with worldwide e-commerce growing at a rate of 19.4% a year, efficiency and accuracy in filling orders is more critical and challenging than ever.

As online and mobile shopping have increased – especially during the holiday season – retailers have responded by implementing more advanced web and mobile sites, offering special online deals, and deploying new technology to optimize the online storefront. However, many have left their existing distribution center infrastructures in place. These existing infrastructures and fulfillment processes are inadequate to fully address the shift toward direct-to-consumer orders. Now, orders need to be processed and handled differently with no room for error in product delivery and timeliness.

Benefits of voice technology

Today, the vast majority of inefficiencies and errors that occur in direct-to-consumer fulfillment happen in the distribution center during order selection. Proper order selection and the efficiency of distribution center workers have the largest impact on ensuring swift and accurate customer order fulfillment. To address these issues, retailers of all sizes are turning to voice technology to reap the benefits that voice offers organizations.

Unlike other solutions, voice technology provides retail distribution center workers with a hands-free solution that improves the speed and safety of order picking, while the accuracy of the voice recognition software ensures that the right products are sent to the right customers. Voice technology gives retailers the flexibility they need to meet increased demands not only during the holiday season, but also as online and mobile shopping continues to grow.

Voice technology ultimately helps retailers drive customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and profitability through accurate order fulfillment and swift delivery. Additionally, the reliability and accuracy that voice technology brings to retailers allows them to reduce or eliminate the need for order audits. This not only saves time in delivering goods, but also removes the need for order checkers, which directly impacts a retailer’s bottom line.

Modernizing to meet modern expectations

As e-commerce has become a dominant arena for consumers to make purchases, retailers must consider modernizing their distribution centers with voice technology. As a solution that offers a hands-free working environment, voice technology also allows retailers to more safely, quickly, and accurately meet customer needs. Today, and especially during the busy holiday season, there is no room for mistakes or delays in delivering products to the consumer as their expectations of the online shopping experience rise in parallel with the advances in the online storefront.

Keith Phillips is president and CEO of Voxware.


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