ShopSavvy Study Says Upgraded App Soars Past Amazon Mobile, RedLaser

ShopSavvy has announced the release of Product Cloud 2.0, the latest iteration of its big-data platform that enables the shopping community’s members to find even more real-time pricing, inventory, reviews, photos, videos and other information for more than 20 million products. In field testing conducted by ShopSavvy, the app-maker says it is consistently displaying more local store results as well as online price results and lower prices for a greater variety of products than Amazon Mobile, eBay’s RedLaser and other major platforms.

Based on a study of 600 random product searches across popular product categories such as consumer electronics, video games, books, movies, home and family, and office products, ShopSavvy outpaced other apps in the number of results displayed.  As an example, with Product Cloud 2.0 ShopSavvy displayed on average 30 percent more local, in-store offers than RedLaser, as well as almost twice as many online price results.

In the study, ShopSavvy displayed the best price on new products 67 percent of the time while Amazon has the best prices only 5 percent of the time. The average competitor had the best result only 17 percent of the time. For used products, ShopSavvy had the best price 96 percent of the time, while eBay’s RedLaser only had the best price 12 percent of the time. The average competitor displayed the best price 9.5 percent of the time.

ShopSavvy’s latest update on Android and iOS provides its millions of users a far richer user experience, making it easier for shoppers to get the product, pricing and other information they need to make online purchases with confidence through ShopSavvy Wallet, which enables shoppers to make purchases from Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other retailers without ever leaving the app.

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