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    Black Friday Shopping on Amazon — In Real Life

    As shoppers decide whether to do their Black Friday shopping in a store or online, they’ll no doubt weigh the less-than-pleasant aspects of each experience. Some of the frustrations of paying for products online were parodied in Google Analytics in Real Life – Online Checkout, which has more than 650,000 views on YouTube. That video […]

    Lessons from Australia: Back to the Future

    At this summer’s Online Retailer conference and expo in Australia, the biggest attitude difference that I saw between Australian and U.S. retailers emerged during a panel session at the event. The panelists spoke about a brick-and-mortar executive attitude that apparently is prevalent right now in Australia. The attitude can be summed up like this: “If […]

    Lessons from Australia: Life Without Amazon

    I had the privilege of spending a week this summer in Sydney, Australia, attending the Online Retailer conference and expo. I was really excited to go not least because it was my first opportunity to go to Australia, but also because I was very interested to get an on-the-ground glimpse of Australian retailing and how […]

    Numbers Explain Walmart’s Interest in Online Sales Tax Bill

    Brick-and-mortar retailers looking for Online Marketplace Fairness will likely have to wait a while for it despite the efforts of the world’s largest retailer. Sure, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on Tuesday on a bill that would allow states to impose sales taxes on online sales. Some small brick-and-mortar retailers say they need the […]